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Signatures Challenged Curious

March 2, 2011

Weaver Campaign Finds Signatures Challenged Curious

Washington, D.C. – The Weaver Campaign has found that most of the signatures challenged by Sekou Biddle’s campaign are in fact valid.

“We’ve begun our own review of the 1,417 signatures challenged,” Weaver said. “Not only have we found hundreds of signatures to be valid, we’ve also noticed that some of the signatures belong to easily identifiable D.C. voters.”

Some of those voters include Weaver’s wife, Maria T. Cardona, and Weaver’s campaign chairperson, campaign manager, and campaign treasurer. Other challenges include former Councilmember Kathy Patterson, Director of the Office of ANCs Gottlieb Simon, several sitting ANC Commissioners, other qualified candidates for the at-large race,  the Chair of D.C. for Democracy, and the last three female spokespersons of the Democratic National Committee.

“If I didn’t take every part of the process very seriously, this would be pretty funny,” Weaver added. “In any case, we remain confident in the work of our volunteers and look forward to moving ahead with the campaign.”

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