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Current Newspapers calls Weaver ‘most knowledgeable challenger’

March 28, 2011

In its endorsement piece, The Current Newspapers called Bryan “…the most knowledgeable challenger…” and commended him on his grasp of the issues facing the District. An excerpt from the Op-Ed is below:

“During our meeting with Mr. Weaver, we were amazed at his grasp of the issues facing the District. He is the most knowledgeable challenger we have interviewed over the past 16 years.

Bryan speaks with D.C. voters, and residents of all ages, while out canvassing.

We were particularly impressed by his suggestion that the District could save millions by combining clearly related offices, such as the Office of the State Superintendent of Education and that of the deputy mayor for education. He also showed he can juggle opposing of view — a skill that helped him bring together opponents when he chaired the Adams Morgan commission.

Additionally his stand on using tax breaks to attract business to the city is unique among the Democratic candidates. He favors such deals only when they are key to attracting the business, with the understanding that the breaks will be eliminated if the business fails in its side of the bargain — say, by not hiring the required number of District residents.”

–The Current Newspapers March 24, 2011

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