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D.C.’s Dirtiest Jobs

April 4, 2011

The Weaver Campaign released a new video today, a play on the popular cable show “Dirty Jobs.” During a  tongue-in-cheek tour of D.C.’s dirtiest jobs, At-Large D.C. Council candidate Bryan Weaver exposes and experiences first-hand, the dangers, pitfalls, and the unseemly sides of some of D.C.’s toughest and “dirtiest” jobs. 

“While meant to be funny, the message is serious and urgent,” said Weaver.  “We are at a low point in the politics of our nation’s capital. From near record budget deficits, to ethics scandals, to education, to some of the highest unemployment rates in the country, to crime, to the future of D.C. youth, our leaders have serious problems to solve, and sadly, they only seem to perpetuate the petty and selfish politics of the past.”

The video depicts Weaver as a dog walker, a dish-washer, a bowling alley shoe cleaner, a wine-shop spittoon holder, a car leasing agent, and a towel boy among others.  At the end of the video, Weaver is seen at the front of the Wilson building, indicating to viewers that inside is the dirtiest job of all, and invites them to help him clean it all up on April 26th.

“We need leaders who can govern better, do it cleaner, be transparent and accountable, and whom we can trust will be beholden to on one – except the voters of this great city,” said Weaver.  “We can do better.”

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