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Guest Post: We Drafted Weaver

April 8, 2011

Our involvement with the Weaver campaign might have started on Adams Morgan Day last year. The Democratic primary was fast approaching, and we were walking down 18th Street, taking in the scene, when we saw Bryan Weaver greeting potential voters. We introduced ourselves, told him we saw “The Video,” and wished him luck. As Ward 5 residents, we lamented that we couldn’t vote for him.

Fast forward to the night of the DC Democratic State Committee temporary appointment for Kwame Brown’s seat: we complained about the undemocratic nature of the appointment, and showed up to protest out front in a unique way—as part of a small group looking to “Draft Weaver.” We thought Bryan’s integrity, knowledge and passion about the issues, and lack of connection to the machine that was making the most disgusting sausage we’d ever seen, meant this was the perfect moment for him.

Well, you know most of the rest of the story. Bryan threw his hat in the ring. First we were laughed at—a silly group of neophytes who couldn’t possibly get enough signatures to get him on the ballot—and then we were told we couldn’t possibly raise money. Every step of the way, though, the campaign has proven the cynics wrong. Now, we’re canvassing neighborhoods every weekend to spread the word and convince people that Bryan is the right person for the job.

We’ve never been involved with a political campaign before. I think it’s safe to say that we’d never found such an amazing combination of message and messenger before meeting Bryan Weaver.

–Jaime Fearer and Geoffrey Hatchard, Ward 5 residents.

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