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And now we wait…

April 26, 2011

Bryan chats with voters outside of a polling place on election day.

The polls in the special election for At-Large Councilmember have now officially closed! What an exhausting and exhilarating day it has been! And the response from voters at the polls and passersby on the street has been so encouraging. My message of oversight, accountability and reform really seemed to resonate with people all across the city. 

Although words cannot really express it, I want to thank each and very person who helped get us to this point from the bottom of my heart. Whether it was drafting me to run, canvassing, making calls, making a donation or sending emails of support, the outpouring I experienced from residents all over D.C. was overwhelming.

According to the DCBOEE, the first results should be in before 9:30pm tonight (in-person absentee voting) with  more results coming between 9:30 pm and midnight. The Board was also wise to point out that in a close race, we may not know the results for 10 days because absentee, provisional and curbside votes will not be counted until May 6.

So now we wait…together.

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