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Green Initiatives.

The environmental realities of climate change present challenges but also opportunities. The country able to lead our world in clean and green technology will benefit disproportionately from the green revolution already under way. As our nation’s capital, D.C. should set the green standard, guiding the way toward ensuring that the United States is the country best able to lead the world toward a greener and more sustainable future. Nothing is more vital to our long-term economic prosperity:

Anacostia and Potomac Rivers
: We must work to reduce runoff by creating incentives for sustainable development. I will bring developers, government officials and the public together to ensure we are using environmentally-sensitive technologies and techniques during construction;

Clean Energy Economy
: I will create business incentives and alleviate bureaucratic road blocks for businesses and residents seeking to build “green” buildings or renovate buildings to meet “green” standards. A clean energy economy generates jobs, spurs business growth and investments, while expanding clean energy productions, increasing energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, waste and pollution and conserving natural resources;

Green Jobs: With an unemployment rate higher than the national average and twice that within the African-American community, the District needs to capitalize on creating green jobs, and we can start by creating training programs. We will need Market studies to determine which green products and services are in demand and sustainable in the D.C. area.  Financial support in the form of low interest loans and tax credits should be provided to entrepreneurs starting new green businesses and to existing businesses that change their business model to incorporate green practices;

Smart Grid: I will push the District to invest in smart grid technology that helps the viability of renewable energy sources. Smart grids provide information to consumers so that they can save money while they reduce energy consumption. They also empower individuals to become energy entrepreneurs by selling their own excess energy generated through wind or solar. The process of applying for tax deductions and tax credits should be simpler for residents who green their homes;

Recycling: Currently, the District recycles about 24 percent of its trash — we can and must do better. I will completely revamp the city’s recycling laws. They have not been updated for two decades. I will set a goal to recycle at least 50 percent of D.C.’s recyclable waste by the year 2020. We must also set ambitious new targets for waste reduction and elimination;

Green Development: Work with green developers to update or create a new permitting process at the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) that takes green development into consideration.

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