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Only to New York City has a higher percentage of residents that use mass transit in their daily lives. Which is why it is so essential that we continue to improve our system. I will work harder for a fully integrated transportation system. A system that links all elements of transit — biking, walking, mass-transit, car-sharing and better street design. Continuously improving our transportation systems creates benefits for all of the District.

Pedestrians: Pedestrian safety must be a top priority not only for the Department of Transportation, but also for the Metropolitan Police Department;

Cyclists: We need expanded bike lanes throughout the city. With increased driver awareness, better street design that accommodates a variety of transit and continued education efforts for cyclists we can ensure all District residents have a safe and efficient experience;

WMATA: WMATA is the only mass transit system in the country that does not have a dedicated funding source. Indeed, the District’s representative took $13 million out of the Metro budget in 2009 to fund earmarks. This $13 million would go a long way to funding a proposal for a temporary program to assist unemployed workers to use the system in their search for work. The District’s representative to the WMATA Board must make securing dedicated funding for the system the top priority. Our transit system can no longer rely on the fiscally unstable practice of using three governing jurisdictions. It also cannot balance its budget on the backs of those who use the system. I will advocate for dedicated funding, because it is right for our city;

Summer Streets: Modeled after programs in New York City and other countries, D.C. needs to create its own program that would take place during the summer that would open up D.C.’s streets for people to play, walk, and bike. The event will be part bike tour, part block party and a great way to meet neighbors.

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