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Our city’s laws must be adjusted to create a more open, honest and accountable government. Unchecked, money’s distorting influence on politics makes our government less democratic and dilutes the power of ordinary citizens.

My commitment starts with my own campaign:

•  I will limit contributions to $1,000 per person, regardless of source, whether personal or corporate funds;
•  I have set a goal to collect more than 90 percent of campaign funds from individuals.

In order to ensure transparency and accountability in our city’s government, we must require:

  • Clear disclosure requirements that inform voters about potential conflicts of interest and influences on elected officials;
  • Corporate contribution limits that help to mitigate the real and perceived influence of donors on those officials;
  • Limits that bar corporations from bundling money to skirt contribution limits;
  • Public funding that preserves the significance of voters’ voices in the political process and levels the playing field among serious candidates, regardless of their wealth or wealthy connections;
  • Create a database containing the names of individuals and entities doing business with the city. The Doing Business Database would be available to the public and allow campaigns to check for their contributors. Properly implemented and maintained, the database would reduce both the appearance of and potential for conflicts of interest;
  • Create an independent budget agency that reports back to both the Council and Mayor on the fiscal impacts of all proposed legislation. When legislation comes forward, citizens will know if it is fiscally sound and prudent. While this agency would report to both the Council and Mayor, it would be fully independent.

A combination of well-crafted reforms, including public funding of elections, would more accurately and more democratically represent the voices of District residents who today are locked out of true political participation. Together we can make D.C. the model city for local elections.

Let’s ensure that our nation’s capitol doesn’t just house the symbols of our great democracy, but that it also lives and breathes the meaning of those symbols: a government that represents all its entire people and gives voice to all its communities.

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